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What Is Hip?  Tony Adamo   

Straight Up Deal-Urbanzone Records

Tony Adamo-lead vocal/spoken word, Mike Clark-drums, Richie Goods-bass, Eddie Henderson-trumpet, Neil Larsen-piano, Jerry Stucker-guitar, Bill Summers-percussion, Stephen Doc Kupka- bari sax, Sandy Griffith-background vocals
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Funky Fingers  Paul Jackson  

Funk On A Stick-Backdoor Records

Paul Jackson-bass/vocals, Mike Clark-drums, Bill Summers-percussion, Herbie Hancock-keyboards, Jerry Stucker-guitar
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Summertime  Professor R J Ross  

Face To Face-Lantana Records

Professor R J Ross-piano/syn/ lead vocal, Neil Larsen-organ, Steve Gadd-drums, Jerry Stucker-guitar/bass, Robert Quintana- percussion, Sandy Griffith, Jeannie Tracy-background vocals
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Go With It   Eastbay Messengers  

Detour To Oakland-DaFunk Records

Mike Clark-drums, Paul Jackson-bass, Mark Kaye-keyboards/vocals, Jerry Stucker-guitar



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